Does Chockfast actually last?

Chockfast is an 2-component epoxy resin

There are now cases of spacers that were installed under marine engines 30 years ago.

Is Chockfast approved?

Approved for your safety

ur epoxy materials are approved by all the current classification organisations in the shipping sector.

Can I process Chockfast oneself?

Yes you can casting Chockfast at all, but…

We will gladly give you more information. However, only if the work does not require approval by a classification society.

Why epoxy resins and no conventional chocks?

Epoxy resins are quick and easy to install

The lengthy preparation of chocks made of steel deleted.

What is the epoxy resin Chockfast?

Chockfast is a 2-component epoxy resin

The Epoxy Chockfast has been used in shipbuilding and industry for about 40 years, when it comes to high strength and fast curing times.

Who needs the epoxy resin Chockfast?

The 2-component epoxy resin is ideal for marine and industry

The epoxy resins are primarily used in industry and shipbuilding,

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