3D Lasertracking and 3D Laserscanning
MIM Marine- & Industrie-Montage GmbH


3D Lasertracking and 3D Laserscanning

The EMHA and MIM engineers are equipped with the most advanced 3D laser tracking and 3D laser scanning equipment.

MIM provides measurements quickly and accurately using the latest technologies. Our service technicians have many years of experience in the shipbuilding and offshore industry Dimension measurements are used to determine the actual dimensions of various objects to theoretical values. Even at long distances, measurements can be made with the utmost accuracy in all areas of production and design.


  • Laserscanning
  • Lasertracking
  • Dimensions of parts
  • deformation measurements
  • deformation monitoring
  • As-built measurements
  • alignment
  • Setting / position
  • tube fittings
  • Structures


We are able to measure the following sizes:

  • Geometric position
  • straightness
  • concentricity
  • parallel
  • squareness
  • volumes and areas
  • surfaces
  • flatness
  • circumference
  • form


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