On-site machining (OSM) and in-situ machining

Mobile tools from MIM and EMHA - repair at your site

EMHA and MIM specialize in on-site and in-situ editing. With our experienced and motivated technicians and our advanced and accurate tools, we are able to offer suitable machining solutions for industrial plants, on board ships and offshore facilities worldwide.

By leveraging our extensive on-site machining capabilities, you can avoid high costs by disassembling your equipment, transporting, rebuilding and machine downtime. We are able to process your machines in the highest quality and the required tolerances.

Because we can modify portable on-site machines and tools in our workshop, we are also able to provide customized solutions for your specific task. With the advantage of our "customized" mobile machinery and tools we are always one step ahead.


On-site processing options:

  • On-site Line Boring
  • On-site planing mill
  • On-site mill
  • On-site drilling
  • On-site Threading
  • On-site honing
  • On-site pipe cutting
  • On-site grind
  • On-site around welding


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