Cast-in-place anchor. A size-flexible anchoring system
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Cast-in-place anchor = Size-flexible anchoring system

Our recommendation: Anchoring machines with Chockfast

Ein Vergussanker kann problemlos an verschiedene Maschinen wie z.B. Generatoren, Motoren und Großgetriebe angepasst werden. Dafür stehen fünf verschiedene Ankergrößen zur Verfügung.

Cast-in-place anchor with Chockfast red – for a firm hold in the foundation

Our cast-in-place anchors (also called foundation bolts or anchor bolts) are securely cast in place in the concrete during the casting of a foundation or foundation block. The cast-in-place anchor is positioned in a pre-prepared core hole so that initially only the threaded rod protrudes out of the ground as a stud bolt. The hole is now filled up with casting material, and after this has fully cured, machines or plant can be firmly clamped to the substrate on the anchor bolt’s threaded rod. At the same time, the special shaping of the anchorage area ensures a joint between the anchor bolt and the concrete that can withstand extremely high loading.


Cast-in-place anchor + Chockfast red = Maximum load-bearing capacity

Whether it’s a connection between a machine and a foundation, the attachment of handling equipment, robots and slewing pillar cranes, anchoring generators, motors, engines and large gearboxes, or the secure of clamping grooved plates to the substrate – our cast-in-place anchor system creates a firm hold on the ground. The foundation anchors achieve considerably larger clamping forces than anchorages using dowels, and all the components of the anchor are fabricated from steel. Experience shows that a particularly high load-bearing capacity is achieved for the structure when the 3-component epoxy resin Chockfast red is used as the casting resin.


Chockfast red: Failure is excluded

Chockfast red synthetic resin is particularly suitable for the large-area casting-in-place of big plant such as compressors, engines, motors, generators, pumps and turbines, as well as for repairing damaged concrete foundations. In the case of cast-in-place anchors, it offers a considerably larger load-bearing capacity than conventional casting mortar – as shown by a test at the Karlsruhe Institute for Solid Construction and Building Materials Technology, in which one anchor cast in place using mortar and one using Chockfast red were compared under load: the anchor cast using mortar showed considerably weaker properties; its deformations were greater by a factor of 8 – 10 than those induced in the anchor cast with Chockfast red. The maximum end displacement at the anchor under maximum load was approx. 3.2 mm in the case of the mortar, but only 0.45 mm with Chockfast red. And last but not least, the anchor design using mortar withstood a maximum load of around 440 kN before the casting mortar failed, while the anchorage using Chockfast red held until the anchor rod broke.


Dimensionally flexible anchoring system

Five different anchor zone sizes are available, so there are no problems when adapting the anchorage system to various different duties. In addition to the standard anchor lengths of up to 1 meter, special lengths of up to 3 metres are also possible. In addition to freely selectable thread sizes up to M64, special sizes such as inch or fine threads are available, and the usual strength class of 8.8 can also be increased on request.


Attention must be paid to two criteria when choosing the anchor diameter:

  1. The thread diameter of the anchor must be matched to the size of the hole in the machine foot in accordance with the machine manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. The clamping force actually required must also be taken into account when selecting the anchor diameter.

 Cast-in-place anchor for casting with the epoxy resin Chockfast red


Building authority approval

Many of our customers prefer to choose the embedding mortar themselves. For this reason the anchors supplied in Germany are classified in accordance with § 4, Para. (2) to (4) of the Building Products Act (BauPG) and do not need to bear any CE Mark. Our cast-in-place anchors have structural engineering serviceability pursuant to § 5 Para. (1) of the Building Products Act. Otherwise the Technical Rules for Screwed Connections apply, and DIN 976 in particular can be consulted.


The advantages of cats-in-place anchors using Chockfast red:

  • Maximum load-bearing capacity
  • Problem-free casting
  • Short full cure time (approx. 36 hours)

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