Vibration measurement on machines and systems


Vibration measurement on machines and ODS

Analyze machine vibrations, detect errors and avoid high costs 

Regular inspections, including vibration and alignment measurements on your critical equipment, can generate a history of useful maintenance data.

By analyzing measurement data over time, the data provides many insightful information about the technical status of your equipment. In order to optimize your "Smart Maintenance" strategy and to minimize unexpected downtime and downtime of your devices, Condition Monitoring supports you in planning predictable or planned maintenance.

The extension of the service life and the maintenance intervals of the device will have a considerable influence on the maintenance and operating costs.


Some common problems that we can detect with our vibration measurement system:

  • misalignment
  • disparity / offset
  • Damage to the bearings
  • Worn parts such as gears, belts, etc.
  • Bad lubrication
  • Overload
  • coupling selection
  • Corrosion and cracks
  • resonance problems
  • misfiring


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