Why should I use Tenmat bearings?

Tenmat bearings offer market leading wear performance with very low water swell and thermak expansion.

Which grade of Tenmat should I use for sterntube bearings?

For water lubricated sterntube bearings:

Do Tenmat bearings require a water treatment package?

No Tenmat bearings perform excellently with normal water but if there are unusually high contaminants loading then a filtered water supply will be needed

Do Tenmat bearings work with oil lubrication?

Yes but check the application details with Tenmat.

Can I replace white metal bearings with Tenmat?

No Tenmat bearings do not replace white metal.

What are standard sizes of Tenmat bearings?

Tenmat do not make a range of standard bearings.

My shaft is worn and I nead to remachine it. Can I get a Tenmat bearings to fit?

Yes. Tenmat bearings are designed to fit your requirements.

Can I machine Tenmat materials myself?

Yes. We can give you machining instructions but you will need to comply with your local h&s laws.

How do I size Tenmat bearings?

We can calculate the bearings for your requirements.

My housing it out of round. Can I get a Tenmat bearing to fit?

Yes but if the out of round is significant we may recommend that the bearing inside diameter is machined after installation.

How do I fit Tenmat bearings?

Tenmat bearings can be fitted by freezing, pressing or draw bar plate.

Where in a rudder system can I use Tenmat bearings?

Tenmat bearings can be used in all rudder bearing location.

Do Tenmat rudder bearings require lubrication?

No. Tenmat rudder bearings perform excellently with no lubrication.

Do Tenmat rudder bearings need lubrication grooves?


Which grade of Tenmat should I use for deck equipment bearings?

For lubricated bearings Feroform T814, Feroform PR 18 and Railko NF21/22

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